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A total of about two hundred and fifty wild fungus in yunnan,Accounting for more than half the world edible wild fungus,Two-thirds of China's edible fungus。 Yunnan complex landform,A variety of forest types、Soil type and unique three-dimensional climate conditions,Gave birth to the rich wild edible fungus、Xianggu mushroom resources,The variety of its,Wide distribution,The size of the production,Legendary。 Born in yunnan,Born in mountain forest、Longer than the mountains,Is a natural green food,It is rich in a variety of vitamins、High quality protein and other ingredients are beneficial to the human body,Rich nutrition,Unique flavor。

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Mountain flavor duck, wild fungus website is mountain mountain delicacies's website,Yunnan mountain flavor flora co., LTD,Create a uniqueF2BWild fungus network marketing model,Wild fungus from factory to your hands,Around the middle layers of wholesalers,Reduce circulation costs,Effectively eliminate price bubbles,Let the price return value。Mountain flavor duck, has many years experience with each city fungus in yunnan agricultural cooperation,Engaged in wild fungus、Processing、Sales business,Is one of the nation's largest yunnan wild fungus processing unit, Run wild fungus varieties complete,Product sales at home and abroad,The wild tricholoma matsutake、Black truffles、Morchella、Porcini、Chicken fir bacteria such as world famous exports Europe and the United States、Japan、South Korea、The states and other countries,Loved by consumers at home and abroad。

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