Service tenet:The most professional service to give you the most comfortable life

Service standards:People-oriented,In the glorious

Service commitments:Believe in the power of the brand

The concept of experience:Implement standardization/Network/Professional service system

Management concept:Above all else... ...

Nantong AnXin month sister-in-law company(Wenfeng shop)

Address:Nantong worker-peasant road168Wenfeng towerASeat12Floor

The phone:0513-68780998


Nantong AnXin confined the clubhouse(The Wolf mountain shop)

Address:Nantong landscape road1Peng yan state guesthouse20The villa

The phone:0513-83580907


Nantong AnXin confined the clubhouse(The city shop)

Address:Nantong youth city life plaza east countriesBBuilding15/16Layer

The phone:0513-85338905


Nantong AnXin nursing services co., LTD., nantong is one specialized is engaged in maternal and child services,Passing by8Years of development,The company now has2Lili club(The Wolf mountain shop HeGuoCheng shop AnXin confined clubs),1Her family company(Her AnXin wenfeng company store),The city more than service1000A family,Her services mainly include the service、Postpartum repair、Confined the clubhouse、Baby swimming、Lili catering、Lanugo souvenirs、Maternal and child supplies, etc。

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AnXin as the leading brand of nantong maternal and child services industry,Created many city first,Her AnXin team already from city,Club house is equipped with her one-on-one,In her more is xin,Provide the most for mothers and babies... ...
AnXin physician team composed of experts team and technicians team,Which team of experts from well-known city director of obstetrics、Pediatricians and an expert team leader,Has rich clinical experience,Escort to the health of the mothers and babies... ...
Xin of the two senior chefs, as a chef team leader,Nutritionists do guidance,Production of color、Sweet、The characteristics of the flavour with confined meal,Does the reasonable collocation、Delicious、Clean sanitation,Sufficient nutrition and not easy to get fat... ...
As a professional、Timeliness of both the management of the company,AnXin owns a perfect management team,Copywriting、Planning、The network、Administration、Training、The personnel、Customer service and other interlocking,Do their job,For the company to provide a smooth development... ...
The classical architectural style garden villa clubhouse in North America,With jiang jing,Range was,To enjoy3500Square green space。
The golf course、Indoor and outdoor swimming pool、The tennis court、The gym facilities complete。
Her AnXin care team for city maternal and child care professional brand,More than1000A family together。

An obstetrician、Pediatricians、Psychological consultant、Nutritionists escort team。
Exclusive TCM doctor in Taiwan、A registered dietitian,According to your physical fitness、Taste habit,Custom personalized confined meal。
High quality confined meal,For four stages of different requirements。
Professional10After the annual repair technicians and tailored to repair plan,Restore a perfect shape。

Gu fang raise hair、Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation、Uterine repairing the old、Postpartum sweating、Internal and external regulate escort for your health。
Single-family villas,Illicit close space to enjoy top ambassador type safety management system。

Strict infection prevention and control system,Ensure the safety of mother and baby health。