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    Chengdu anda family car lights modification

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    Chengdu anda enterprises

    Chengdu anda enterprises co., LTD. Is a specialized in automotive supplies advanced car lights modification、The upgrade、Lens modification、Double xenon headlights modification and daytime running lights professional company。The company was founded in2003Years12Month1Day,It happened15In the light conversion experience,In line with"Professional pragmatic,Forge ahead"The service tenet,In the process of development in the future,We will always stick to"The customer is supreme,Reputation first"For the principle serves the masses of old and new customers。
    Our company deals in many international brands of products,There isOSRAM(Osram)、PHILIPS(Philips)、HELLA(Hella)、Headlight assembly,Lens modification, etc、With good reputation,The high quality service,Have been supported by the masses of customers,Founded our independent brandAnDer(Anda enterprises), Have professional technical team and professional production line workshop,Modification of the professional equipment。..... 【To check the details】


    • The original special car lights Light source with light
    • Nondestructive lights disassembly Sealing membrane lights clear gel
    • 88Construction technology standard Get on the car set-up light
    • Technical confirmation general Customer confirm the inspection car
    • Zero risk if promise lights modified upgrade effect without ascension,Unconditional refund!
      Dependable Germany osram authorized store,Famous lamp modified brand shop
    • Technology industry choice with Mercedes,BMW,Ford The public Citroen and other original upgrade programming light modified equipment
      Old chengdu headlights converted hundreds of style Tens of thousands of successful case
    • New originalO2OMode,Ratio4SSave50%Of the cost。
      Spare parts procurement、Strict quality control,Refused to renovate、Refuse to fake。
    • The original factory assembly technology,German technician training,Zero risk of construction。
      Technical service outlets throughout the globe,With coinsurance service。
    • Professional equipment,Accessories100%The real thing,The holiday punished ten! Professional technician team8Years of above,Skilled,Rich experience,The car in,To ensure the quality,Does not affect the original car warranty。
    • According to upgrade the selected configuration,Plain code marks a price,To treat all customers alike,Our unremitting efforts,Just to make you satisfied! If the lamp upgrade effect without ascension,Unconditional refund!

      Hot sales hotline:18982228397

      Chengdu first harvardH9Upgrade hengwei excitation
      Chengdu first harvardH9Upgrade hengwei excitation
      Chengdu first harvardH9Upgrade hengwei laserL82Super headlight chengdu car lights modificationH9 With the continuous improvement of living standards,More and more people have become the motorists。In order to meet the demand of the market,The technology of building cars and auto enterprises Concept Also in constant innovation and change....【To check the details】
      【The first change】Chengdu byd
      【The first change】Chengdu byd
      Chengdu tangDMThe lamp Modified hengwei laser headlight Special suite upgrade Original upgrade modification....【To check the details】
      Southwest first audiA8The upgradeR8The laser
      Southwest first audiA8The upgradeR8The laser
      Southwest first audiA8The upgradeR8Laser headlight assemblyOLEDTail light assembly programming matching to upgrade....【To check the details】
      The BMW 7 series old lamp upgrade constant
      The BMW 7 series old lamp upgrade constant
      The BMW 7 series chengdu headlights modified hengwei laser supremacyL82Violence is escalating in double optical lens headlight....【To check the details】

      Car knowledge

      Common anda family car lights modification way?
      At present,Apart from a few new models in recent years(As the originalBENZ、BWM、LEXUS,DomesticAUDIA6、PASSATSuch as high-end luxury car)Outside,Most of the models in the factory equipment is halogen lamps。Its power is commonly55WOr60W,The line and lamps and lanterns......
      Chengdu Toyota bullying hengwei insteadLEDExcitation?
      Chengdu dominating emperor youzhu of northern qi weiLEDLaser headlightLEDLaser headlight bullying to upgrade;Laser headlight;led......
      About car maintenance?A car?
      Meaning Car maintenance means according to different materials required for each part of the vehicle maintenance conditions,Mining......
      Why car spontaneous combustion?Lead to?
      The second season is summer vehicle fire season,What causes car spontaneous combustion?Chengdu professional car lights modification company for your analysis for several reasons: The reason:The leakage Engine at work,The temperature of ignition coil is very high,Make high voltage ignition wire insulation layer......
      If the correct use of light?To understand?
      How to correctly use headlights?Directions for use and understand the function of the original lamp The correct use of light?Civilization driving is simple,It is not easy to do!How to use each kind of lamp on,The use of good,It is necessary to know something about。 Place the lamp Place the lamp......
      How to buy auto insurance?
      Auto insurance covered several recommendations 1、For fully guaranteed,Suggested that policy-holder after insurance the insurance insured vehicle insurance business,General advice insured car loss danger、Third party liability insurance、The liability of the personnel on the car、Glass is alone and broken danger、......
      How to correctly use clearance lights and fog?
      How to correctly use the fog lamps clearance lights and high beam Fog lamps:All call fog lamps, of course, is used in the fog! Open fog fog lamps is a must,Why say it again:It the light penetrability is very much better than the effect of vehicle tail lights。For example......
      12Wrong car maintenance?
      The owner's attention:Far from them12Wrong car maintenance method......
      Flashing lights have requirements?How to shine?
      Anda family car lights modification:Newbie on the road,In addition to the manipulation of the car itself,And there is always more to learn。One of them,When driving at night learn to see light is very important。The light is the language of the car,The driver only mastered the use of light and meaning......
      DIYRepair five big fear improper operation?
      DIYThe garage“Five big fear” Improper operation will lead to danger......

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