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Huizhou jun peak model car trade co., LTD,The sale of various high-end brand new imported cars,New customization、Europe and the United States imports of new car、
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19The Middle East version of bullying3000

RMB 619800.00 W Up
19The Middle East version of bullying3000,3.0TDiesel,At dark,Configuration:Leather seats,The main driving lumbar support,7Seat,Black first,LEDXenon,18A wheel,Black handle,Black rearview mirror,The electric chair,Electric folding rearview mirror,The LCD panel,A key start,Roll up,Headlight height adjustment,CD,The central differential lock,Remote control key,After the spare tire,150Litre tank,Slow down the steep slopes,The sideslip,Start second gear, etc!
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19With the Middle East version of the musicSE-T2

RMB 488000.00 W Up
19Model of road in the Middle EastSE-T2The skylight,7Seat,LEDThe lamp,Before and after the magic eye,The refrigerator,Reflection,Pedal,The main driving seat electric adjustment,Headlight cleaning,Towing hook,A smart card,Start one key,Chrome plated suite,After the differential lock,Peach wooden interior,Rev,140LBig tank,Bottom to hang,Cruise constant speed,18A wheel
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19Pajerov97 3.8

RMB 320000.00 W Up
19Mitsubishi pajero carV973.8L/V6Jinbiao:Performance and control configuration:184Kw250Horsepower329(2750rpm)Five speed hand since the gearbox,Mitsubishi, the second generation of super selected all-wheel-drive cruise constant speed difference with double differential lock after locking the configuration of the appearance:18After hanging round,LEDDay light xenon、Headlight cleaning before the fog lamps panoramic hunter-gatherer power sunroof chrome plated rearview mirror with turn signal automatic folding mirror under small shoot the light side air solid black at the top of the four groups before and after small towing hook rack88Litres of fuel tank internal configuration:Seven leather seats mahogany interiors peachwood multi-function steering wheel(Take the phone connection button)Portable screen rive stereo audio main seat electric adjustment and portable air conditioning refrigerator radar intelligence(The rear adjusting button)Folding remote control key。Security configuration:ASTCDynamic stability and traction control system,Eight airbag for vehicle,Tire pressure monitoring。
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19Range rover sport version of the diesel

RMB 768000.00 W Up
19With land rover diesel LAN
White and black,A panoramic view,19A wheel,Electric seat adjustment,Before and after the magic eye,LEDThe headlight,Front fog lamps,Leather seats,Electric door,Reflection,Front seat heating,Electric folding rearview mirror,Wheel lock
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Company's main middle-grade Middle East、Ashkenazi、U.S. imports of new car,And long-term inventory of various brands of vehicles,Good shape、The model is complete、Price concessions,Our goal is based in huizhou,Facing the whole country,By the high quality good faith services gradually become the big car importers in the country。Company business scope:Europe and the United States imports of new car、Replacement of old and new cars、New customization、Luxury car rental, etc。

Business car rental vehicle type is complete,Has the Rolls-Royce phantom,Rolls-Royce ghost,Bentley,Lamborghini,Ferrari458A series of luxury vehicles, and so on,
According to different customer requirements to provide various high-quality vehicles。

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